Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Socialist Jews Join Demontration Againts Zionism

Last Sunday 27 January, I made a way joining demonstration to support Palestinian related to racent issue in Gaza. The demonstration was organized by a group who call themselves as Palestinian Society of Wales. Though I arrived at the demonstration square whenever the demonstration almost over, I managed myself to meet the organiser as well as some representatives of NGOs. Amongts them, I discussed with a representative of Socialist Workers Party who I believe a non-muslim. He told me that, in his opinion the roots of Palestinian crisis is not because of religious sentiment but the domination of Capitalist Jews.

Actually the Capitalist Jews were the founder of Zionism, upholding the ideology of Jewish Empire. Most of the World crisis from Middle East to African and the rest part of the world, there are a 'hidden hand' ensuring the interest of Zionist towards Jewish Empire. It is true to look Jewishs by categorizing them into certains groups, because not all of them support the idea of Jewish Empire. A couple months ago, while visiting New York to attend UN General Assembly, the Iranian President also met a group of fundamentalist Jews who declared their oppositional stand againts Israel.

Indeed in the holy Al-Quran, when Allah mentioned about Jews, sometimes he use the term of Ahl al-Kitab, in the other verse he use al-Yahud and the Sons of Jacob. Clearly Allah himself tought us to categorize them, so that we have to deal with them by diverse form of relationships. In certain verses Allah has warned us to be aware of them, but in the other verses Allah offer us to make relationships with them until we are permitted to marry their women. Therefore, it is important to identify which group of Jewish who Allah means in verse 120 Surah al-Baqarah: "Never will the Jews be pleased with you and nor Christians until you follow their way.."