Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tribute to the Late Mufti Ishak Baharom

Whenever I was informed that Dato Ishak Baharom passed away on 30th of January, immediately my memory flew to the most controversial issue in 1997, 'Mufti Selangor Sacked Down'. Since that time he was no longer a Mufti of Selangor State Government, but he still considered as a Mufti of people by Malaysian muslims. Every where he go, he would be asked about 'hukm' and his opinion was more trusted. His lecture attracted so many audiences even though he was banned from giving lecture at Government mosques. Until the last day of his life, he had been invited to give lecture at certain places in Kedah and Johor. His journey in this world almost repeat the history of Sultan al-Ulama Izz al-Din Abd al-Salam, a prominent Shafie's jurist in the Seventh Century of Hijrah.

Dato Ishak Baharom was born in 1928 in Kanchong Darat Selangor. His family was known very committed to Islamic teachings, thus Dato Ishak was sent to study Islamic knowledge at Madrasah al-Misriyah Penang. Not many know that at Madrasah al-Misriyah he was very closed to Haji Ahmad Fuad, a prominent scholar and among the founders of PAS. Then he furthered his study to Darul Uloum India, a very known higher Institution especially in Hadith. When returned to Malaysia, Dato Ishak started accomplishing his ummah obligation by becoming a teacher in some schools. He was appointed as Mufti by Sultan of Selangor in 1985 until he was sacked down in 1997. He was known by his pious personality but persistent in upholding Islamic stand. May Allah bless him and place him under His Mercy. Al-Fatihah

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Assalamualaikum wbt,

Ustaz, could you elaborate more about the story of Sultan al-Ulama Izz al-Din Abd al-Salam for our benefit?