Monday, January 18, 2010

The Oneness of Allah in His Names and His Attributes

I am really not clear what Khalid Samad means by his statement "perbezaan kefahaman inilah yang hendak ditonjolkan dan diperjelaskan, bukan nama yang berbeza", and perhaps all of you can ask him regarding to this. But I do to agree with the PAS's collective decision released by the PAS President, which consistantly follows the practice of Muslim leaders since the period of the Prophet, that is; the Non-Muslims are granted to practice their religion including using the kalimah of Allah. I don't want to prolong my arguments, but I need to remark here the point, there is a difference between letting them to practice their religion and recognising (redha dan iktiraf) their practice. I am not really close to Khalid, but I usually keep in touch with Dr Dzulkifli. Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad's stance is clear as stated in his article.

Perhaps some of us disagree with the salafi's approach in explaining Tawhid, which emphasize the three categories of tawhid Rububiyyah, tawhid Uluhiyyah and tawhid Asma' and Sifat. Any one who does'nt believe even a single part is considered kufr, na`uzubillah. Now I am getting more clear, why the salafi does'nt saparate tawhid Asma' and Sifat into tawhid Asma' and tawhid Sifat. We already believe that, even if someone believes in his only one God's name is Allah, but he does'nt believe in the oneness of Allah's attributes, then he is also considered as kufr. Perhaps, this is Khalid's means by his statement, if someone believes that Allah is the name for the only one god, but he does'nt believe the oneness of Allah's attributes, he is kufr. Christians posibbly believe that there is only one God who creates the universe, they do also to believe that the Creator's name is Allah, but they don't believe among the attributes of Allah is the oneness of his Dhat. According to them the one God exitsts in three personalities, then they are considered kufr.

In Iljam al-`Awam, al-Ghazali mentioned when he was discussing the topic of Taqdis: "Whoever come to nas stating 'yad Allah' and he does not purify the meaning of 'yad' from the usual meaning of "`addu murakkab min lahm...." , he is considered as to attribute Allah with Jism. Every jism is creature (makhluq), and whoever praying to someone with jism (makhluq) considered like he praying to idol, tree and he is considered kufr by the consensus of salaf and khalaf. Again the statement emphasize the attribute of oneness of Dhat Allah. Definitely, Allah is the name of the only one God whose attributes is also oneness. We are as well as Khalid believe in this tawhid principle, but can we impose (paksakan) such a belief to Christians? It is not Khalid to name the Christians' trinity God as Allah, but the Christians themselves since the pre-Islamic period in accordance to their Arabic texts. Then al-Quran revealed to correct and purify their belief and among the verses is verse 65 surah Maryam. And there are many more verses including surah al-Ikhlas, the verse related to 'mubahalah' and so on. After all, the Christians especially in Arab still using the name, even though Muslims community has been staying with power over the last 1400 years. So that, following the practice of previous and current Muslim leaders who have been surrounding by thousands of great Muslim scholars over those periods should not be assumed as to recognise (redha) trinity doctrine.


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